Ceramic Spray Coatings & Applications
Ceramic Spray Coatings & Applications  Ceramic Spray Coatings (Chrome Oxide & Aluminium Oxide)  Ceramic Spray Coatings Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Service, Repair, Maintenance | Federal Parts Engineering Ceramic Spray Coatings
Our ceramic spray coatings can transform an ordinary metal into a high performance surface. The coatings are dense, wear corrosion and heat resistant, inert to acids, alkali and solvents. The improved properties of metal surface attributed to higher particle-to-particle cohesive bonding.

Benefit of Ceramic Coatings:-
  • Electrical Resistivity
  • Provides longer life span
  • High Hardness
  • High Durability
  • Anti-Galling
  • Dense and pore free
Industry Application:-

Pump –> Any pump components exposed to petrochemicals, acids, sea water
Oil & Gas –> Valves, Drive Shaft, Sleeve
Automotive –> Engine pistons, Cylinders, Headers
Plastic & Polymers –> Nozzles, Extruder Surfaces, Screws

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